Developing Global Leaders Asia

What we offer

We at DGL Asia are committed and excited to offer programs and solutions that integrate the core as well as the global aspects of leadership. We believe that future competitive advantage comes from global-mindedness, social responsibility, cultural competence and cross-border communication. Therefore we have developed some innovative programs to help your company and executives on their journey.

What we offer

Global Leadership Development

  • - The Global Leadership Journey
  • - Global-minded workforce and organizations
  • - Optimizing Generational Diversity
  • - Introduction to Global Leadership

International Teams and Virtual Teams

  • - Highly successful international teams
  • - Effective virtual teams
  • - Productive video- and teleconferences
  • - Facilitation of international team meetings

Cross-Cultural Competence

  • - Working internationally
  • - Multicultural offices
  • - Relocation advice, training and coaching

Leadership and Cultural Consulting

  • - Successful international joint ventures
  • - M&A cultural integration
  • - Making the most of cultural diversity
  • - Aligning business, diversity and social responsibility strategies of the organization


How we work

We take a pragmatic and results-oriented approach to developing individuals, teams and organizations. Through creating tailored programs, applying proven leadership principles and concepts and utilizing different learning techniques, we strive to help companies build a clear global leadership model which links global leadership competencies to business results.

How we work


Together with our clients we identify and execute solutions that help organizations, teams and individuals be successful in our complex and interdependent business world.

Executive Coaching

Our experienced coaches assist individuals and teams on their journey in realizing their full potential.


  • - Individual coaching
  • - Group and team coaching
  • - Coaching focus: Working internationally
  • - Network of executive coaches


Our standard and customized programs help individuals and teams develop their international skills in order to become more effective and successful.


  • - Global Leadership Development
  • - International Teams / Virtual Teams
  • - Cultural Competence / Global-mindedness