Our programs pioneer tomorrow’s standard in leadership development where we combine leadership and team development with socially and environmentally responsible projects.

The integration of multiple geographies, cultures, nationalities, ages and styles in organisations around the world is having an enormous impact on business relationships. Leaders today need a new, specialised set of skills if they are to be successful in a global context. A global mind-set includes the ability to see beyond the boundaries of the organisation, national culture, functional responsibilities and corporate gain to envision and communicate the ultimate contribution and value of the work to society and sustainability.

As our world ‘shrinks’ and globalisation increases, there is an increasing need for global leaders; yet there is a scarcity of business leaders with the skillset required in the global context.

The Global Leadership Journey:
Global-minded workforce and organisations

Our Global Leadership Journey develops leaders that can lead and motivate multicultural teams and grow the organisation’s international presence in key markets effectively. This program consists of three, highly interactive and practical workshops linked to relevant supporting assessment tools, reading material and short online questionnaires. This integrated development program takes participants on a rewarding journey of self-discovery and development, and prepares them to become effective global leaders of the future. Based on gap analysis using our DGL Global Leader Model™, we prepare a customised program for you.

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Responsible Global Leadership:
With Purpose and Cross-Cultural Competence

Traditional team building programs often focus solely on developing core team and leadership skills. In this program we integrate this learning with participation in one of the organisation’s own corporate Responsibility (CR) initiatives. This creates a win-win situation through increasing the engagement and relevance of the team building program for the individual, while at the same time increasing the knowledge and awareness of a particular CR initiative. This development program can be run locally or internationally, in the latter case with the added benefit of cross-cultural skill development.

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Global Mindset Inventory

The Global Mindset Inventory measures your 1. Intellectual Capital, 2. Social Capital and 3. Psychological Capital. You can compare your results with a large norm across the world and create your developmental plan accordingly.

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