DGL offers various solutions for creating gender-balanced or gender-equal organisations. Among these are two Women in Leadership programs: Accelerate for Emerging Leaders and Advance & Thrive for Senior Leaders.

The integrated programs are designed to guide participants in overcoming gender-related career obstacles, and equip them with selected leadership skills.

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Women in Leadership – Accelerate

A program designed for emerging leaders; female talent with more than eight years’ work experience:

The Accelerate program prepares participants for their future leadership roles. In workshops they learn the most essential skills for a (female) leader, receive guidance and inspiration for creating their future path to realise their full potential and build a network of peers. Individual coaching sessions help further crystallise goals, and our social media alumni membership keeps the connection alive long after the program concludes.

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“The Women in Leadership program is a comprehensive and effective program – it gives you a clear understanding of the key challenges we face and effective tools and skills to apply in the work environment.”

Head of Organisation Singapore
German Bank

Women in Leadership - Advance and Thrive

A program designed for senior leaders; female talent with minimum eight years’ managerial experience.

The Advance and Thrive leadership journey will inspire and guide participants to find their authentic selves as leaders. The international participants will provide long-lasting support and a benchmarking network with like-minded peers. The leading-edge workshops, panel discussions, individual coaching sessions, etc. offer added leadership, networking and influencing skills as well as a confidence boost to help participants advance in their career and continue to excel as they further progress on their leadership path.

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“I went to the Women in Leadership program feeling enthusiastic on what I would learn specifically about networking and social media. First, I was surprised by the fact that the topics weren’t the usual ones for a leadership program. Secondly, the program actually opened my mind and changed my mindset which was something I absolutely didn’t expect. I learnt skills that I could take into my career, and at a much deeper level – what it is that I want to stand for. It was a very impactful program for me. I am very glad I attended. ”

Insurance Provider

Online bitesize solutions

We offer the key subjects of our Women in Leadership programs also in bitesize format. These short sessions are accompanied by interactive webinars.

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Creating a ‘gender-equal’ inclusive organisation

Through a series of workshops we help create a gender-inclusive organisation. Building on the 8 areas as defined in our Roadmap to Gender Equality in Organisations, employees are guided towards finding solutions to help their own organisations work towards a fair and inclusive workplace.

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Gender-inclusive organisation audit

The Gender-Inclusion Audit reviews the organisation’s approach to gender equality and highlights the areas of strength and areas for improvement in this area.

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