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Developing Global Leaders Asia supports the development of inclusive, globally competent and responsible leaders, cohesive multicultural teams and sustainable corporate cultures. We assist our clients with consulting, training and coaching services and create measurable and long-lasting results for positive social and environmental impact.

Our Services
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Inclusive Leadership

We assist you in building a robust Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and help you create an inclusive organisational culture.

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Cultural Training Asia

Our Cultural Competence programs move beyond basic cultural awareness, recognising that Cultural Intelligence is a crucial capability for today’s global workforce.

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Inclusive Mindset and Behaviours Assessment

Enhance your Company’s inclusion journey with the Inclusive Mindset and Behaviors Assessment (IMBA)

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Women in Leadership

Our women in leadership journeys are designed to give a boost to individuals' careers and support organisations in creating a stronger female pipeline for senior leadership roles.

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I finally really understood what impact direct communication may have on an indirect communicator. Well done and thank you for breaking through my walls.

[The workshop provided me with] a clearer understanding
among colleagues of different cultural background regarding
behavior, expectations and communication styles.

I really enjoyed this training and the diverse group of attendees who were from different industries and nationalities. The sharing from invited guest speakers and panellists was excellent and the workshops helped me look at work challenges from a different perspective.

Shirlyn Manager, Order Fulfilment SE Asia

An excellent program on leadership and cross-cultural effectiveness – diversified, inclusive and prompted self-reflection. A thought-provoking program.

Lilia Vice President, Institutional Banking Group

I would definitely recommend this program – it raised awareness of your strengths and weaknesses and the underlying issues you are facing. It gave me an opportunity to learn how to cope with situations effectively and confidently in a complex society.

Hitomi Vice President, Fixed Income Sales

I was surprised by the fact that the topics were not the usual ones for a leadership program. The program actually changed my mind-set about the role of women-only programs in leadership development. I learned skills that I could use in my career, and I now know, at a much deeper level, my purpose, and what is it that I want to stand for.

Andrea Director

The program is well designed for self improvement
and self discovery. It allows us to network, receive
affirmation and gives pragmatic solutions.

Farzana Regional Operations Director

An excellent programme where I learnt various useful techniques from the facilitators, speakers as well as participants on ways to deal with situations encountered in our daily working lives. The teaching method was fun and interactive, whilst topics discussed were relevant, and focused on our current roles and future goals. Aside from identifying our gaps – where guidance was provided for self improvement, we also realised our strengths – and the potential to develop them further. Thoroughly enjoyed my time, gained a lot from Rita and Zsuzsanna who were excellent facilitators and would highly
recommend to others!

Ee Ling Vice President

Zsuzsanna is an excellent facilitator who is an expert on her subject matter. She presents on content that is relevant for our work environment and she is great at engaging thoughtful discussion from all levels of participants. Her sessions have always received very good feedback. I greatly enjoy her style and her approach to learning.

Eileena HR Manager

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