The Culture Key – Communicating Effectively Across Cultures


In order to support organisations to continue developing and motivating their people during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have organised a series of online webinars on cross-cultural competence.

The sessions are

  • Addressing today’s key cross-cultural challenges in Asia
  • Short and convenient
  • Practical with plenty of tips and best practices
  • Virtual, yet interactive and engaging
  • Great value for money

Upcoming dates

1.     Indirect and Direct Communication and Saving ‘Face’
Apr 15 – 09.15-10.30

2.     Hierarchy and Equality
Apr 15 – 10.45-12.00

3.     Verbal Communication Patterns and the Role of Silence
Apr 16 – 9.15-10.30

4.     Building Relationships and Task Execution
Apr 16 – 10.45-12.00

Click here to find out more.

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