Cross-Cultural Collaboration – Monthly Inclusion Conversation

60 MIN SESSION – Complimentary for Line and HR managers

Every month we get together to discuss diversity and inclusion. Sometimes we zoom in on particular aspects of diversity such as gender, cross-cultural collaboration, generations, different abilities, sexual orientation; whereas on other occasions we discuss how to create an inclusive organisational culture or inclusive leadership behaviours.

This session follows Dr Zsuzsanna Tungli’s Book Launch: The Culture Key between Asia and the West. During this session we will discuss your challenges when working with cross-cultural teams. We will also share with you some tips for effective and harmonious communication and collaboration.

Conversation Date

  • 28th January 2021, 11:30am-12:30pm

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Want to compliment your learnings from this discussion? Check out Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli’s book: The Culture Key Between Asia and the West.

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