Make Remote Working Work


As organisations are forced to implement staggered work or other remote work arrangements due to the escalating Covid-19 outbreak, we have organised a set of online webinars that support support both employees and managers make remote working work for you.

Remote Working for Employees

This webinar provides participants with tips and resources to address the following:

  • Advantages and challenges of remote work
  • Staying organised and focused
  • Keeping connected
  • Care for your health
  • Stress management
  • Practicing effective virtual meeting techniques

Upcoming dates

  • Apr 9 11.00am to 12.00pm

Remote Working for Managers

This webinar provides managers with tips and resources to address the following:

  • Advantages and challenges of remote work
  • Infrastructure needs for effective remote work
  • Creating a rhythm for regular and transparent communication
  • Providing psychological support
  • Care for your health
  • Stress management
  • Manage virtual meetings

Upcoming Dates

  • Apr 9 2.00pm to 3.15pm
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Effective Virtual Meetings Across Cultures


During international meetings, there is often an imbalance in terms of participation, idea sharing and decision-making. Our program promise to increase the effectiveness and the participation level of these meetings by sharing key cultural insights and team meeting techniques.

Benefits include

  • Increased participation
  • Better idea generation
  • More sharing of experiences and best practices
  • More inclusive decision making
  • More effective international meetings

Upcoming dates

  • Apr 8 – 9:15am – 10:15am
  • Apr 14 – 2pm – 3pm
  • Apr 22 – 10am – 11am
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Managing Subconscious Biases


Managing Subconscious Biases program is a 90-minute virtual, interactive and engaging workshop on raising awareness and developing initial skills and techniques to manage those biases that impact the workplace the most.

Session content

Subconscious behaviour, thoughts and biases penetrate all areas and aspects of our lives, including the workplace. The session will explore:

  • The types of subconscious biases, focusing on cognitive as well as demographic biases
  • Sharing every-day work examples
  • Best practices for individuals and organisations for raising awareness of different biases
  • Practical, actionable solutions for overcoming these biases and creating truly inclusive organisations

Upcoming dates

  • Apr 14 – 10.30-12.00
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The Culture Key – Communicating Effectively Across Cultures


In order to support organisations to continue developing and motivating their people during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have organised a series of online webinars on cross-cultural competence.

The sessions are

  • Addressing today’s key cross-cultural challenges in Asia
  • Short and convenient
  • Practical with plenty of tips and best practices
  • Virtual, yet interactive and engaging
  • Great value for money

Upcoming dates

1.     Indirect and Direct Communication and Saving ‘Face’
Apr 15 – 09.15-10.30

2.     Hierarchy and Equality
Apr 15 – 10.45-12.00

3.     Verbal Communication Patterns and the Role of Silence
Apr 16 – 9.15-10.30

4.     Building Relationships and Task Execution
Apr 16 – 10.45-12.00

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The Culture Key – 2 x 1/2 day Immersion Cross-Cultural Program


This practical and engaging session includes interactive presentations as well as real case studies where participants discuss the most important cultural differences, such as indirect and direct communication, the different approaches to hierarchy and the role of silence in communication. The program consists of two half day sessions.

Participants will:

  • Increase their cross-cultural self-awareness and awareness of other cultures.
  • Develop cross-cultural competence by working out strategies for bridging cultural differences.
  • Learn about Singapore’s and other SEA countries’ business cultures.
  • Develop skills that help identify and handle potential cultural issues regardless of their country of origin.
  • Prepare individual action points for increasing the effectiveness of future cross-cultural interactions.

Program dates:

  • Session 1: Thu 28 May, 9.00-12.20
  • Session 2: Thu 4 Jun, 9.00-12.20
    Both sessions will have three 60 minute sections with a 10 min break between them.  
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Women in Leadership Programs

The Women in Leadership Programs prepare female executives for greater success. Experience an integrated approach of workshops, assessments, coaching and mentoring sessions on current issues in the workplace. Now in our 14th intake, this proven program is proud to inspire women from all over Asia and beyond.

Advance and Thrive Program: For women with 8 years managerial experience.

  • VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE PROGRAM – 8 x 1/2 day workshops
    • 4  x 1/2 day workshops: 19th to 22nd May, 2020 and
    • 4 x 1/2 day workshops: 9th-10th June, 2020.

Participants attend the 8 sessions. 

  • ONSITE PROGRAM: 27th-28th October and 18th-19th November, 2020. Participants attend both full day sessions.


Accelerate Program: For women with 8 years work experience.

    •  4 x 1/2 day workshops: 11th to 14th May, 2020. Participants attend the 4 sessions.
  • ONSITE PROGRAM: 11th-12th November, 2020 – full day sessions.
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Inclusive Organisations – Focus on Gender

Do you want to advance gender-equality? Create more gender-balanced leadership teams? In this workshop participants collaborate and commit to a set of actionable goals.

Join us to:

  • Learn about DGL’s 8 step Roadmap to Gender Equality in Organisations
  • Find out about key areas where you as an individual and your organisation can start making a difference
  • Benchmark with other participants and their organisations
  • Commit to a set of actionable goals and practical steps

This event has been tentatively rescheduled to April 24 2020 subject to change based on the Covid-19 situation.

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