5 Types of Imposter Syndrome

Deep down you know you are good at your job, but does one small mistake or mishap have you feeling like a complete failure? If so, there is a very good chance you are suffering from imposter syndrome. Individuals suffering from imposter syndrome generally fall into one of five categories. Find out what they are, if you have one, the tips to help.

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Conference Calls

Andrew Garde, the leader of across-geographic team in a large MNC sits in his Chicago office and dials in for a conference call. On the call is Cheng Yang, the marketing manager in Singapore, and Suwathana, the product manager in Thailand. For the next half an hour, Andrew leads the discussion on how the team can launch a new product across different markets in Asia, including Singapore and Thailand. Andrew is keen to have the launch soon to stay ahead of their competitors.

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Chinese New Year in Singapore

With eight being an auspicious number for the Chinese, we present eight interesting facts about Chinese New Year in Singapore.

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Eight practical tips for house-hunting when moving to Singapore

Choosing housing for your expat assignment can be quite challenging since it’s often done on a very short house hunting trip. Doing some prep work before you arrive in Singapore for your house hunting trip can make the whole experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

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How to avoid a million dollar mistake – The importance of cross-cultural relocation training

In multinational organizations international assignees – both short- and long-term – play very important and somewhat unique roles. They may be sent abroad for setting up a new operation, for development purposes, sharing best practices and corporate culture, problem solving, filling skill gaps or running projects. In any case, in order to optimize the assignees’ positive impact on the local operations as well as on the whole organization, assignees need to be well prepared.

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Basic cross-cultural survival tips for new Western APAC leaders

Doing businesscan be risky and challenging for newcomers to Asia where many of the behaviours that made you respected and successful at home can be misunderstood and looked upon as arrogant or rude. While generalizing is always dangerous and there is no one “Asian culture”, just as there is no one “Western culture”, there are some cultural similarities among the countries in Asia. Knowing the basics can keep you from starting your business relationships on the wrong foot during those first visits.

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