The Inclusive Mindset and Behaviours Assessment (IMBA) is an easy and inexpensive way to develop inclusive behaviours across the organisation.

Use the IMBA tool to develop your own inclusive behaviours!

IMBA Reports – Investment

  • 1 individual report – $195
  • 2-10 reports – $95 each
  • 11-99 reports – $75 each
  • More than 100 reports – $60 each
  • 90-180 min virtual debrief sessions – Pricing available upon request

Contact us to purchase 2 or more reports.


This report was created with the following objectives:
To raise awareness about practical inclusive behaviours – this report was designed to point you towards specific areas where you can show inclusive behaviour.
To provide feedback on your level of inclusiveness – Your score reflects how you see yourself and is benchmarked to similar others in terms of role (managers vs non-managers) in a global database, and – if data is available – to others in your organisation.

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