The most often used communication channel today is email. Yet emails are potential minefields for misunderstandings. Well intended lines can be misinterpreted and hurt feelings, upset colleagues, missed deadlines are the consequences of this.

The Culture Key: Global Email Communication will guide you to follow some of the generic email best practices as well as points to those differences that are due to different usage of language and various cultural norms.

After completing the book you will be able to communicate in a more clear and understandable manner with your international counterparts.

In the modern world it is vital to be able to communicate effectively via email if we want to be successful in today’s global economy.

In this book you will find practical, useful techniques you can implement straight away. Learn how to:

  • Write effective emails, independently from the culture you are writing to.
  • Use easily understandable English language in email communication.
  • Avoid cross-cultural communication pitfalls.
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