We assist you in building a robust Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and help you create an inclusive organisational culture.

Our diversity and inclusion services include practical programs on various subjects. This includes topics such as managing unconscious/ subconscious bias, the effective multigenerational workforce, women leadership and cultural diversity.

Studies show that perceived discrimination can affect various elements of employee performance, such as commitment, job satisfaction and work stress. Our programs are designed to help you avoid potential pitfalls by highlighting the impact of bias on how we work.
Managing subconscious (unconscious) bias
Awareness is key

Subconscious behaviour, thoughts and biases penetrate all areas and aspects of our lives, including the workplace. Our sessions explore:

  1. The types of subconscious biases, focusing on national culture and gender diversity examples;
  2. Best practice for individuals and organisations for raising awareness of different biases;
  3. Practical, actionable solutions for overcoming these biases and creating truly inclusive organisations.

The programs’ duration ranges from bite-size to several days. They can be delivered both face-to-face and virtually.

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Effective multi-generational workforce
Create more effective teams in your organisation

Different generations have different expectations regarding work, work styles, communication, careers, and work/life balance. Our programs raise awareness and create strategies for overcoming the ‘generational barriers’.

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Creating an inclusive organisation
Inclusive mindset

By creating hotspots through a series of workshops aligned with your business and diversity strategy, we help embed an inclusion mindset in your organisation.

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Inclusive Leadership Audit

The Inclusive Leadership Audit helps highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your organisational culture. It shows where your organisation needs to do more to create a truly inclusive culture.

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Creating a ‘gender-equal’ inclusive organisation
Workshop and audit

Through a series of workshops we help create a gender-inclusive organisation. Building on the 8 areas as defined in our Roadmap to Gender Equality in Organisations, employees are guided through a structured process to find solutions for creating an inclusive workplace in their organisation.

We also offer a Gender-Inclusion Audit, reviewing your organisation’s approach to gender equality and highlighting areas of strength and areas for improvement.

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Women in Leadership online bitesize solutions

We also offer the key subjects of our Women in Leadership Program in bitesize format. These short sessions are accompanied by interactive webinars.

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