Work-life in balance means something different to every individual. Our holistic coaching workshops help individuals find the balances that are right for them.

These days, work-life balance or integration can seem like an impossible feat. Technology and job requirements make employees accessible around the clock. By exploring each individual’s unique attributes, experiences and requirements, our programs guide and inspire positive life changes. This leads to more engaged, happier and healthier employees.

Corporate Workshops

In our interactive Work/Life in Balance workshops we take participants through a journey where they reflect on how balanced their life is right now and what changes they would like to make to improve that balance. Through integrating nutrition and fitness as well as stress management techniques, we help participants understand the small things they can start doing immediately to improve their overall wellbeing. The program can be customised for teams where the support of the team is an integral part of the process and individuals will be encouraged to build trust, listen actively, ask questions and support one another.

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Case study

Johnson & Johnson thinks it has the answer to executive burnout. All it takes is a physiologist, a dietitian, an executive coach, and US$100,000 in special services.

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